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Current Projects

Love in Action

Love in Action is a programme created to support people infected and affected with HIV/Aids. The programme offers love and acceptance and provides tools for the participants to learn self-acceptance and the restoration of dignity.

CBM provides numerous services to Love in Action participants to include: Transportation- The nearest hospital to receive ARV’s and monthly medical exams is approximately 20km away. Many people living with HIV are physically too weak to take public transport and are unable to pay the necessary fares to travel that distance.

Food Relief- We offer food parcels to 120 families weekly. Many of these families are affected by HIV /AIDS and the parcels provide help with nutritional requirements needed for taking ARV’s. Additionally, the high unemployment rate necessitates the need for many single mothers to obtain food relief to feed their families.

Soup Kitchen -Currently 500 children are fed once a week through the feeding project.

Bread project- CBM facilitates a weekly group known as The Bread Project, which provides therapy, unconditional love, support and acceptance.

Family care and support – Many families need assistance during times illness and hospitalizations, especially mothers with young children. When mothers are too ill to care for their children, Love in Action offers support and guidance.

Spirituality- CBM facilitates weekly spiritual outreach programs operating as Evangelism outreach to the community, Wednesday’s fellowship open door, Thursday Bible study, Sunday fellowship and Sunday school; these ministries has and will always operate in a Christ like attitude of unconditional love, support, acceptance and prayer. Spirituality provides healing and restoration to numerous families and individuals attending weekly.

Burial assistance-The Love in Action programme has assisted many families to lay loved ones to rest in a dignified manner.

Helping Hands Heavenly Valley Pre-school

The Helping Hands Heavenly Valley Pre-school is located in Heavenly Valley, an informal settlement housing 135 people living in shacks. The community faces many challenges, including poverty with an 80% unemployment rate, drug and alcohol abuse, and domestic violence. Additionally, more than 60% of the community is HIV/AIDS positive.

Members of the Heavenly Valley Community requested assistance from Come Back Mission in creating a safe, learning environment to prepare their preschool children for primary school. The Helping Hands Pre-school was created in response to this request. The Pre-school previously operated from a shack and served +- 30 children coming mainly from unemployed & HIV/AIDS affected & infected families. Pre-school care and meals are provided by mothers from the community who receive a basic stipend from CBM.

Come Back Mission, in partnership with Dave Coppini, Deborah Lindsay and Amelia Budler designed as well as raised funds for the upgrade of the current small pre-school in a shack to a new 2-classroom building.

This new partnership is also providing the means to send up to 4 young women from Heavenly Valley on a 2-year course in Early Childhood Development Training. The goal is to give the kids of Heavenly Valley the chance of a better future through a proper educational foundation.

    Our objectives:
  • Upgrade the current Pre-School – from an old asbestos hut to 2 proper classrooms, a kitchen, store room and safe play area which has been achieved. Train up to 4 local women in Early Childhood Development (ECD) up to National Certificate “Level 4? still in progress.
  • Portable toilets and hand basins as well as running water within the pre-school premises
  • Provide support until the Pre-School is self-sufficient (target Dec 2014)
    Our Goal
  • Give the kids of Heavenly Valley the chance of a better future through a proper educational foundation.

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Heavenly Valley Women’s Empowerment Centre

Come Back Mission, in partnership with Nomsa Empowerment Project (a U.S. based non-profit organisation), designed and is currently implementing a holistic empowerment centre in Heavenly Valley. The centre offers women and girls programming in:

  • HIV prevention and intervention
  • Gender equity training
  • Substance abuse prevention and intervention
  • Support groups
  • Leadership training
  • Income-generation
  • Community mobilization
  • Community Health Worker training
  • Domestic Violence prevention and intervention

The program also offers the participants support through the marketing of their products. There are currently 3 income-generation projects being conducted at the empowerment centre in soap making, beadwork, and sewing. These empowerment products can be found locally under the label Heavenly V. Soon to implement a catering project

    Our Goal
  • To empower as much ladies at Heavenly Valley as well as its surrounding areas to be able to learn how to make their interest of products whether it be sewing, bead making or soap making and then market it to the public to be able to sustain themselves and others financially.
    Our Motto!
  • You are not empowered unless your neighbour is empowered.

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Substance Abuse Outpatient Counselling

Come Back Mission counseling center has 8 trained counselors, assisting in family counseling, substance abuse counseling, Trauma counseling, Pre-abortion counseling. Support groups on a Tuesday are held as well as parent to parent support group, referrals, and positive lifestyle intervention programs. These support groups provide therapeutic holistic healing, unconditional love, support and acceptance and has proved to restore many families.

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Youth Development/Mentor Programme

This program deals with the social issues that affects the youth, by promoting education, positive life styles changes. This program is done by volunteers, University Students from the community and young professionals that can positively impact the youth.

    Programs offered on Friday
  • Youth at heavenly Valley (GIG) growing in God
    Programs offered on Saturday
  • Mathematics -Maths literature and pure maths
  • Accountancy
  • Business studies
  • Physical Science
  • Work Readiness Programs including computer training
  • Work Interviews and placements

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Hadassah Centre for Women

The Hadassah Centre for Women is a residential treatment centre for women seeking to overcome issues dealing with abuse, poverty, HIV/Aids and/or substance abuse. The centre provides an opportunity for holistic healing, empowerment and transformation for women needing safe, long term care. The program provides physical, emotional, and spiritual healing through recovery.

    Program components will include:
  • Addiction Recovery
  • Therapeutic Community Living
  • Spirituality
  • Agriculture
  • Income-Generation
  • Health and Wellness
  • Life Skills
  • Re-Integration Program

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.

Charity Shop

The proceeds of the Charity Shop goes toward the sustainability of the projects of Come Back Mission as well as to restore dignity to our community by giving them an opportunity to purchase goods at an affordable price instead of hand-outs Come Back Mission Charity Shop Clothing, shoes, crockery, cutlery, linen, curtains, toys, books..

Bargains available!!

    Shop open from:
  • 10:00 till 16:00
  • Monday to Saturday
    Shop Physical Address
  • Cnr. Mahonie and Alberta Streets
  • Next to Main Road Hardware
  • Extension 3
  • A project of Come Back Mission
  • First of its kind in Eldorado Park

If you have the necessary skills or would like to get involved, please feel free to contact us.